Over the years Jerome has held client workshops to align teams together, this has been on topics including Time Management, Customer Service, Marketing, Sales Training and Business Planning. These workshops have been design specifically for business owners to gain knowledge and awareness on the business basics for a great foundation to launch from.

Other Workshops have been on Goal Setting with upto 50 franchisees to lock in the importance of planning /execution to gain the results that both Franchisor and Franchisee want from their partnership.

Jerome was invited to speak to the 500 YES (Young Enterprise Scheme) students about being a LEADER in their key roles as they form their businesses giving them the tools for accountability and productivity.

Jerome has also spoken to School teachers on the key questions they can use to get parents more involved in their childrens learning and providing them tools to gain participation between children, teachers and parents.  Ultimately how to have FUN with their 10 years at school as the children get to understand the value of being a leader moving towards becoming responsible members of the community …

One, would say that Jerome has adapted his passion / purpose to drive home the key points by shifting the audience to higher levels of life’s ultimate game “Which is to maximise the time we have on this earth”.

Contact Jerome to discuss your speaking requirements:  jerome.j@riseadvisory.co.nz