Turn Your Next Interruption into an Opportunity

Modern life, particularly work life, has become increasingly hectic. There are relentless demands from meetings, emails, text messages, and questions to answer, problems to solve, fires to put out. It can begin to feel like there is never any time to get “real work” done.   If you feel overwhelmed by endless interruptions at work, you are … Continue reading


Are your Strategies growing your Business and Profits?

As a Business Owner you want results. It comes down to having clear objectives driving growth through consistent focus on your People. Driving Strategies through daily-weekly-monthly-quarterly and yearly execution. What is the meaning of a business strategy? Where management analyzes the major initiatives taken by a company’s top management on behalf of owners, involving resources … Continue reading

Achieving Business Success

A new paradigm of performance measure has been adopted by many SMEs. This is based on identifying what the business does in terms of levels of processes and attaching Key Performance Indicators to those processes Check out this wonderful e-book full of practical tools for New Zealand businesses

Business 101 Guide

There have been many definitions as to “what is small business”. One of the better definitions is that a small business is “a business in which all the critical management decisions are made by one or two people without the aid of internal specialists”. Undoubtedly the most disturbing statistic of all is that out of … Continue reading

Main elements of the strategic plan

A strategic plan should probably include some or all of the following main points: High-level strategy: Strategy is focus. It guides your growth. Strategy assigns priorities. Of the whole range of possible market segments, and the whole range of services and possible sales and marketing activities, which are your main priorities? Strategy is often a … Continue reading

General principles of small business strategy

This is not an academic exercise and I can’t claim results of research however the following principles are based on what I’ve been involved in, what I have strategised with management teams and what I have implemented or consulted on in my 28 years in been in business… Strategy is focus: Allocate resources where they … Continue reading

Business Accounts & Bookkeeping

Good financial records are a key to business success. By keeping accurate records, small business operators can make better business decisions and will find it easier to raise funds and sell their business should they wish to do so.  In 1941, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants used as a definition of “accounting” the … Continue reading