Business Mechanics BookAre you working harder than ever in your business – but struggling to move ahead?

It’s so discouraging to put all that time, sweat and effort into a business, yet things don’t seem to be working out. Maybe there’s never enough cash in the bank account to pay the bills. Or there are non-stop staff issues. Or it’s all feeling so chaotic, that the business owner doesn’t even know where to begin sorting out the mess.

In Business Mechanics, Jerome Jacobs provides a diagnostic fault-finding guide for business owners. By knowing what problems to look out for, issues can be remedied in the key areas of:

►  Overview: Are you in the right business? Is your business roadworthy? Do you have the correct training and experience to be successful in your industry? Or are there some skills gaps that need filling?

►  Financials: Just like the speedo in your car tells you how fast you’re going, there are certain key numbers that tell you how well your business is performing. Find out what these are, so you can always tell if your business is cruising along or likely to stall.

►  Processes: If you find yourself doing the same things over and over again, then this chapter will be a huge time saver.

►  Sales: Sales are what fuels a business… are you getting enough?

►  Marketing: In order to get sales, you need to do marketing… marketing are like the wheels that keep your business moving. Discover how to give your marketing momentum, so that you can reach your destination more quickly.

►  Recruitment: driving a business by yourself is hard work – chances are you’ll need a team to help you. The key to making this work is ensuring you’ve got the right person in the right seat.

►  Service crew: no matter how good our team, we can’t do everything by ourselves… sometimes we need a helping hand from professionals such as Accountants and Business Advisors. They’re often the people that give your business a bit of oomph to propel it along.

It’s all about putting the business owner back in control of their business, so they can move
towards achieving their goals. (No more being stuck in first gear!)